Index of Posts: Slices of Shona's Life
Memories of Shona

On August 4th 2012 we held a memorial for Shona in Berkeley, CA. We held it in the Berkeley City Club, Julia Morgan's Italianate castle located just steps from the university campus. Many family members, friends and neighbors came to share the day, to hear about Shona from a series of speakers who knew Shona well, and to mingle and reminisce about her.

The program for the event is here.

For more on her work contributions, see the article by Roisin Cossar, her friend and colleague.


We had a great line-up of speakers from all facets of Shona's life. Some of us had prepared talks, some went off-the-cuff (my cuz Amber and Ashley Maher are goddesses). Those who had prepared talks and have agreed to have their comments posted are linked below.

Welcome: Brian Thomas

Brian is Shona's Brother-in-law, and my hubby; his talk sets the stage for what is to follow. He talks about the morning we heard about Shona's accident.

Randy Wray

Randy is Shona's husband.

Maggi Kelly

I am Shona's sister. I spoke about some of the milestones in her life.

Amber Reiss-Holt

Amber is Shona's cousin, also she is an emergency room surgeon. She talked about growing up with Shona.

Leslye Alexander

Leslye and Shona were fast friends from about the age of 1.8 onwards. She reflect on that in her letter.

Jane Emley

Jane and Shona met in Padua, Italy, while on a Junior Year Abroad. Jane spoke about Shona's personality and love of life.

Ashley Maher

Ashley and Shona also met that year in Italy.

Randolf Langenbach

Randolf is an architect, and friend and colleague of Shona's father. He and Shona shared a year in Rome and the Academy.

Martha Tepepa

Martha and Shona knew each other in NY. She is one of Shona's more recent friends, and shared many a vibrant conversation together.

Roisin Cossar

Roisin is a great friend and colleague of Shona. She and Shona shared much in the way of scholarship and temperment. She was a great support to our family through this crisis. She spoke about Shona's work, and showed three slides, including one of a typical manuscript that Shona worked with.

James Kelly

Of course, our dad.

Slideshow about Shona

I made a slideshow about Shona's life, with images and quotes from people who had known her. Check it out above, or here.