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Remembering Dr. Kelly Wray

I attended Prof. Kelly Wray's How-to-History II course in the Spring 2009 semester.  At the time I was an economics graduate student attempting to change his co-discipline to history, I appreciated her guidance and support through the process.  Even after I finished her course, she was always receptive and willing to chat about my progress.  

Two things stick out in my mind when I recall my time in her course.  Once Gianluca Rossi and I were having a discussion about corporate governance, I don't recall the specific details, but Dr. Kelly Wray's ironic response always stuck with me: "I will never understand how you economists think."  

On another occasion, Dr. Kelly Wray had given us a syllabus assignment (in my estimation the highlight of the course).  Given our druthers, we were to create a history course that we would love to teach.  I developed an advanced labor history course on corporate benefits.  This assignment was one of the key factors when I developed my dissertation topic.     

She will be missed.  I offer my condolences to Randy Wray and his family.

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