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From Wendy Harcourt

Shona was a wonderful friend, we shared many family holidays, many moments in our lives, I miss her greatly. It is hard to put in words, I wanted to share something of what I felt in this poem. It reflects on our last day together in Rome when she was visiting with family and we went off to explore the Maxi museum and walk the streets of Rome together before coming back to join family, promising we would do many more days like that - I had one booked this month in florence with her, and more in the states. I cannot understand she is gone, she gave such a lot of joy and love.

11 May 2012
Your sister came after all

Too much pain to imagine
As we spoke of the purple beauty of wisteria in Rome
As we walked along the Tiber talking of love, of families, of our lives
That your life was to be so very short
In a month dead, gone
That rosy smile, the shine in your eyes
Your kindness and generosity of time to me, your family, friends
And the holidays we shared
The secrets of marriages
Our delight and struggle with motherhood, work, love
I will, am, missing you, dear friend
I carry your special force of fun and hope with me
It could not be foreseen such a death
Lie peaceful, know that my love is with you still.


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