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From Lino Pertile and Anna Bensted

A tribute to Shona from Lino Pertile and Anna Bensted

Shona, like other Fellows at I Tatti, was chosen to come to the Harvard Center because of her  remarkable academic achievements, and because of her sure grasp of what she could accomplish with a year here at the Villa.  From the moment she arrived, Shona immediately set to work on her research making the very most of her Fellowship.

But during her time here Shona showed herself to possess another remarkable set of qualities beyond the scholarly – qualities that are as important in an I Tatti Fellow as the ability to bring to completion any academic project. Bernard Berenson wanted this to be a place of peace and tranquility, a place where scholars could exchange ideas and share the excitement of research and intellectual discovery. This is what Shona showed herself ready to do every day here. At the lunch table we could hear how she revelled in connections made with all scholars from both her own and other disciplines. But there was something else we heard from her at the table: her occasional, lovely bursts of laughter that made all conversations with her, scholarly and not, a pleasure for everyone. She was in every way a wonderful I Tatti Fellow.

One day at lunch, after she had attended one of the cooking lessons that occasionally take place in the I Tatti kitchen, she said to Anna how very much she had enjoyed the lesson, and she went on to suggest other such sessions. “Let’s go out with Margrit one afternoon – she said - and learn more about the I Tatti flowers and gardens.” Anna’s last email exchange with Shona was about planning such a visit through the garden in full spring. Shona explained that she wanted to do this because, “after all, we are not just academics here, but fully rounded human beings.” That is indeed what Shona was, a superb scholar and a caring, curious, generous, fully rounded human being. 

We deeply mourn her loss but we celebrate her life and cherish her memory.

On Thursday 14 June 2012  Early Music at I Tatti , a concert in the Limonaia of the Villa, will be dedicated to the memory of Shona, esteemed scholar and beloved colleague.

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