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Memories of Shona

From Lois Huneycutt

Memories of Shona

I regret to say that I honestly didn't know Shona very well at all, but it was impossible not to like Shona, even with a rather cursory professional acquaintance.  I always looked forward to seeing her at the annual meetings of the Mid America Medieval Association, where she always had kind words for my graduate students, particularly those whose work touched on topics near and dear to her heart. We had children of similar ages, and there was always a little catching up to do about what our respective children had done to drive us just a little crazier since we last met. Even though we were always lighthearted about sharing anecdotes, Shona's deep love for her children and her enjoyment of motherhood always came through.

I was privileged to be a referee (I guess I can let that out now!) for the University of Missouri Research Board grant she applied to before making her final trip to Italy.  I was stunned by the scope, significance, and sophistication of the project.  I knew Shona was good, but I had no idea she was really that good -- that book would have made an academic star out of her.  The most extensive time I spent with Shona was when we ran into each other at the American Historical Association conference in San Diego; I think it was in January 2010.  Missouri was covered in a record amount of snow, and both of us were giddy about being in the land of oceans and palm trees and warmth!   Both of us were intent on seeing as much of the town as possible.  She talked me into doing a whale watching cruise that I'd been hesitant about.  I'm so glad I went; I'm so glad I got to see her outside of academia, even for a few hours.  I will miss her.

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