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From Yeva Nersisyan

I knew Shona as a student of Prof. Randall Wray and so did every other student in the Economics department. They would occasionally host dinners for us, starving graduate students, which were always perfect.

I got to know Shona a little better when I stayed with the Wrays in their Redhook home for about two weeks a couple of years ago. She was such an interesting person to be around; always had some interesting story to tell. Just being around her you learned so much.

Her hospitality was beyond limits. One thing I remember very well was her teaching me how to cut a cooked chicken into pieces. She was an excellent cook and I remember watching her cut that delicious rosemary baked chicken with such an ease. I told her I could never learn to do that. The excellent teacher that she was she told me it was easy, and started to teach me how to do it step by step.

My thoughts are with her beautiful children Alina and Shane. They are Shona's gift to all who know them.

Yeva Nersisyan

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