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From Deborah Deliyannis

It is a strange thing in the modern world to know people primarily through email. That is how I knew Shona, although we did meet twice in person. I oversee the electronic journal "The Medieval Review," and Shona was one of our editors since 2008. All of our business is conducted via email, and there is enough of it that I do feel that I get to know the editors, or at least an electronic version of them. When Shona died, my first impulse was to go back and look at the emails we had recently received from her; of course, they were mainly business, the last one from April 25, absolutely routine. I know that Shona was having a fabulous time in Italy, and that she had established a very regular pattern of work. She was a very active editor, she enthusiastically weighed in on all of our issues and controversies, she was an extremely good editor, and she really did help to keep this particular academic enterprise going.

I met Shona in person at Kalamazoo, and when I was again at the conference last week I was constantly thinking of her - a lovely brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, dancing with her one year at the dance. I wish that I had had more opportunities to know her better.

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