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From Joëlle Rollo Koster

I met Shona at the American Academy in 2003. Since then we met a few times, the last time in Venice at the RAA. We shared emails on our work and I wrote a piece for her. All of us know the thoroughness of her scholarship and how we will all sorely miss her contribution. But I want to add something about her personality. I have always found academia tiresome and full of ego and pomp. Shona was fun to be around. I had kids when I wrote my dissertation and always felt like an alien. Shona was so refreshing, her children were with her in Rome and that's the way it was! One night she cooked a dish for her family...and me....of pasta with smoked salmon and cream. That dish became my spaghetti à la Shona....I have done it many times since 2003 always thinking about her. It now takes a totally different connotation. To Shona. Tu etais one bonne collégue, tu nous manqueras beaucoup.


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