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From Costantino Marmo

Shona on my mind

Today (July 20, 2013) a really weird and moving thing happend to me.

I was thinking of Shona, as often happens, and suddenly the name of a friend of her, Ashley, came to my mind, a friend to whom Shona introduced me many years ago, here in Bologna. At that time she was finding her way in the world of music as singer. Shona, later on, gave me also some tapes of her second album - that I can’t find anymore, by the way -    and I could appreciate her wonderful voice and beautiful songs.
“What did happen to her?” I was wondering and so decided to google “Ashley + Shona Kelly”: one of the result was simply astonishing. The link led me to a page of a small music store on line (, where The Blessed Rain, a CD released in 1998 by Ashley Maher (that was finally her family name!), was reviewed by Shona: her voice (in my mind) told me that she loved this CD “The beauty and complexity of Ashley's music is astounding. I never tire of the rich poety of her lyrics sung with her honeyed voice and intricate rhythms. The deep emotions, intelligence, and diversity of her music on this cd are so satisfying. It's why we want music in our lives.” I could not believe it, was almost in tears. I finally downloaded all the CDs by Ahsley and got in touch with her on FB.

Listening to her songs I could still share something precious with Shona.

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