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Memories of Shona

From Lura Kilpatric

Memories of Shona

I'm Randy's aunt, though he is actually 3 months older than me. I've known Shona from a distance since he brought her for a visit when they were living in Denver. But I didn't get to really know her until the summer of 2010 when I came to NY for a visit. We went somewhere every day and Shona was always the tour guide. I've visited NY a few times now and it just seems so strange that she won't be here. I'll never forget an excursion she and I took to Manhattan one time. She had some research to do at a library, and I wanted to see an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum, so we each went to our destinations and met up for lunch and exploration. Guide book in hand, Shona read to me about the history of the West End, while we sat in a little Greek cafe. We walked and walked, and had so much fun. She spotted a huge bouganvilla that was climbing up the side of a building somewhere in the West End. She was quite taken with the size of the thng, and since then I can't see one without thinking of her. I bought a little bouganvilla and planted it last week in her memory. I hope it grows huge and climbs up the side of my house.
I'm visiting NY right now, and will be here for a month to help out and keep the kids company while Randy travels. Exploring Manhattan will never be the same, though I did find her guide book and plan to take it with me when I go tomorrow.

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I should clarify; I saw Shona many times but it was always during our noisy chaotic family gatherings. Of course I loved her the moment I met her, but I will cherish the one-on-one time I had with her recently.

May 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLura Kilpatric

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