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Memories of Shona

From John Henry

I first met Shona at her nuptials, perhaps a bit before. Over the decades, my wife and I would socialize with the Wrays on numerous occasions, in both Sacramento and Kansas City. When I took a position in the economics department at University of Missouri-KC, she would often pop into my office to exchange pleasantries--sometimes serious conversations--and I would reciprocate.

What can one say? Shona was one of my favorite people--and that list is quite short. She had a terrific sense of humor, was quite willing to “rag on” Randy, discuss issues with the kids (as do all good parents)--and a great cook. From an academic perspective, Shona was exceptionally bright, well-informed, and judicious. We always had something arcane to discuss. And that smile…! (The photos speak for themselves.)

It is customary to say at this point that the world will miss Shona. That’s not true. Most of the world has no knowledge of her passing. But, for those who knew her, this is a real loss. I, along with all others whose paths crossed with hers, will always remember her and lament her death at such an early age. If the world were truly reasonable, this should not have occurred.

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