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From Andrea Calabrese

Prof. Kelly,

I sent you my condolences via mail and I think you'll get them soon. I am really sad for what happened, and I feel really close to you all. I was reading what Ginger wrote on the web about your daughter Shona, and I could hear Ginger talking about the stories of your daughter's childhood at your house during the Thanksgiving dinner, I could even hear the stories that you and your wife told me about her childhood and her way of being an independent person and a critical thinker.

I met your family few times, but I really felt as one of your group and it's with extreme sorrow that I am writing this e-mail. Yesterday, I was in Vicenza and while I was sitting there at Isolgomma, I couldn’t stop thinking at the time when we were there together and about the tragedy that has happened to your family.

The moments of joy and peace seem really far, but I am sure you'll have a lot of people supporting you in this sad circumstance.

Please let me know if I can be of any help. I am so sorry I didn't know it before, otherwise I would have come to Florence to give you my condolences.

A big hug to you all,


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